Back on track.

ryan gosling

2012 was a long time ago.  A gap that big isn’t impressing anyone.  Look at Ryan Gosling there.  Does he look impressed to you?

It’s not that I haven’t been busy.  Really.  I’ve been here.  And here.  And here.  And here (where I can assure you I was just as interested in the whole experience and not just getting to relive childhood memories by going here).  And much of my time has been spent going between four very important but time-consuming volunteer commitments.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to raise a child who is curious about his world and has a love of learning.  And believe me, he has already tapped the limit of what I remember back from those two semesters of organic chemistry in undergrad, so I think we’re doing OK.

This gap has not been due to idle time, believe me.

But with the prospect of several new projects coming up and some new opportunities on the calendar, it’s time to get back on track.  It’s time to get back into reflective mode and to start sharing these experiences again.

I’ve had two weeks to think about what my New Year’s resolution should have been two weeks ago.  I don’t necessarily believe that change has to start on January 1, but it does start with a deep breath and a commitment.

So here we are.


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